My Life – Wei



            When people ask about my family, I will just lose my words with sadness.  I don’t want people to remind me of my family because of the painful situation.


            I come from a remote village from the mountains.  My family is poor and we are always short of money.  My parents work very hard to raise me and my siblings.  We can barely feed ourselves. 


            I remember that I had an older brother who has mental illness.   He left us when I was only a toddler and have not heard from him ever since.  When I was in 6th grade, disaster struck my family again. My father died of illness and left a broken family.


            Now another brother suffers mental illness and always beat my mother and I.   Sometime we have to run away from home.  A few weeks before the entry exam for high school, I received a phone call from my neighbor telling me that my bother had burned down our house.  I just cried.  During summer breaks, I have to stay in friend’s home and visit the burn-down home when my brother is not there.  Everything I see makes me cry with pain.  The wood frame, clothes, and blankets litter around and sadden me even more.     


            My mom looks old and sick.  She has to hide from my brother and rarely comes home.  Life is very miserable for her.  No one knows what else can happen to her.


            I grow up in such a family.  My life is a sad story.  I feel even worse when people say harsh words about my life.  My only chance is to study hard and change the ending to a continuing sad story.