Climb For A Cause
Assistance Project For
Anju District, City of Suining

To improve the dental health care condition for Anju people, especially for the public students, and effectively prevent and treat dental diseases, Climb For A CauseCFACand the Health Department of Anju District, Suining City communicated and worked together in a CFAC fact finding trip in Anju District. The two parties agreed on the following plans:

1.    CFAC will provide aid to Anju District through Red Cross;

2.    The aid project will be organized and carried out by the Health Department of Anju District. The Health Department of Anju District will actively cooperate with CFAC according to CFAC’s requirement.

3.  The major aid projects include: The prevent and treatment of dental diseases, including the training and recruiting of dentist; Dental care equipment donation; Dental health educations, etc.