Hiking Miles for Smiles



From Participants

“I’m honored to be both Participant and member of the CFAC Board. You may count on my continued involvement and support!”
~Bill Blatchford, DDS

“I and my familiy had a blast with you and CFAC on Mt. Charleston. Thanks for all you do Danny!”
~Howard Farran, DDS

“At first, I was a bit concerned about the level of commitment, both in terms of training and fund raising, to make this a success. Frankly, it was every bit as challenging as I’d imagined (and then some). But the wonderful work of Operation Smile provided me with all the inspiration and motivation I needed. It was an experience I’ll not soon forget!”
~Alan Slootsky, DDS

“Thanks to the challenge of climbing Mt. Whitney, I achieved a fitness level I’d not experienced in over twenty years. As if that was not enough, the local television stations featured me in their evening news program. You just can’t buy that kind of publicity. Thank you for all your efforts!”
~Mark Connelly, DDS

“I never thought I’d include mountaineering as one of my hobbies. Kilimanjaro and Rainier gave me a real taste for it, and now I’m hungry for more!”
~Robert J. Smoler, Esq.

“Climbing Mt. Rainier was the most physically challenging undertaking of my life. It was also one of the most rewarding achievements! And to think that all the while we were climbing to help children lead normal healthy lives. That?s what I call Win Win!”
~Seth Gershberg, Investment Advisor

“What a blast! Can’t wait for next year!”
~Mark Raccuia, Real Estate Management Professional

From Beneficiary Organizations

“When Mr. Bobrow approached us in late 1997 proposing that Dentists Climb For A Cause would like to benefit our group, we expected little, if any funds to be generated in the short term. To our amazement, DCFAC wrote us a check, in 1998, for $30,000, making it a major fund raising effort. This year, DCFAC 1999 has generated TWICE THAT AMOUNT! We can’t wait to see what next year does!”
Thomas Fox, Executive Director,
Operation Smile, Norfolk, VA

“Danny was the catalyst for making a dream become a reality. Beautiful and courageous, brain tumor survivor Cherise wanted to scale a peak and raise funds for the American Brain Tumor Association. Danny guided and coached her every step along the way, and she succeeded in reaching her goals. She climbed a 320′ frozen waterfall in Canada and raised nearly $20,000 for brain tumor research. In addition, we were able to use this wonderfully heroic feat to interest Redbook Magazine in Cherise’s story. They wrote a 5-page article about her, thereby creating heightened awareness for our cause. Thank you, Cherise! Thank you Danny! Thank you Climb For A Cause!”
Naomi L. Berkowitz, Executive Director,
American Brain Tumor Association, Des Plaines, IL

“Climb For A Cause was the perfect vehicle for getting our injury prevention message out. We also could not have succeeded with our outreach and fundraising goals without Mr. Bobrow’s assistance. The $20,000 you raised will be put to good use. Thank you for your tireless efforts in making this event such a rousing success!”
Mercedes Rauen, Executive Director,
National Spinal Cord Injury Association, Lisle, IL

“Danny’s efforts in conceiving and implementing our “Run For The Ark” resulted in tremendous exposure among not only prospective donors and volunteers, but also among the people whom we serve. Oh, not to mention the $30,000 in funds the event helped to bring in!”
Nancy Lewis, Communications Coordinator,
The Ark, Chicago, IL

From Corporate Sponsors

“Our firm’s mission of demonstrating its commitment to giving back dovetails beautifully with your efforts, and we were pleased and proud to support you.”
Seth Gershberg,
William Blair & Company, Chicago, IL

“We are most satisfied with the exposure our sponsorship of Climb For A Cause has yielded. More important, we are gratified to know the funds raised for Operation Smile will have such a positive impact on so many people.”
Allison Farey, President,
Wells Fargo Financial, Emeryville, CA

“It is our pleasure and privilege to support your efforts in making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.”
Steve Harris, Senior Partner, McDonald Hopkins,, Chicago, IL

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