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Aseptico to support Climb For A Cause© fundraising effort for oral health treatment and education in developing nations

WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON. – May 23, 2019 – Aseptico Inc. will join in the effort to raise funds for oral health education and treatment in developing nations around the world via its support of Climb For A Cause© (CFAC) when the non-profit foundation hosts its 22nd Annual Hiking Event the weekend of Sept.13–15 near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Each year since 1998, CFAC has organized an Annual Hiking Event for dentists, their teams and industry participants, as a way to make a positive difference in the oral health of needy children. “As the world’s leading portable dental equipment manufacturer, Aseptico works closely with humanitarian organizations aiding underserved populations. Working with CFAC helps us further our goal of bringing dental care to everyone and promoting oral health around the world,” said Chris Berry, Special Markets Manager for Aseptico, who will make the climb with the group. Climb For A Cause© will conduct 14 dental care volunteer group projects in 2019 in Cambodia, Laos, Guatemala, Nepal, India, Kenya, and Vietnam. Aseptico portable dental equipment including dental chairs, examination lamps, and portable dental delivery systems, portable x-ray systems and other dental equipment will be an essential part of these dental outreach projects. Dental professionals and others interested in participating in the Climb For A Cause© annual Hiking Event, can learn more about this life-changing adventure by visiting the Climb For A Cause© website at: As part of its sponsorship, Aseptico is offering to cover a large portion of the entry fee for those who choose to participate in the event. About Aseptico, Inc. Headquartered in Woodinville, WA, Aseptico is a global... read more

North Conway Dentist To Climb For A Cause

This article previously ran in the Conway Daily Sun. On Sept. 17, North Conway dentist Jeff Yelle, DDS, will attempt a one-day ascent of Mount Timpanogos in Utah’s Provo Valley. Timpanogos rises to 11,752 feet above sea level, making it the second-highest mountain in Utah’s Wasatch Range. Dr. Yelle and his practice, Eastern Slope Dental, are supporting the Dentists’ Climb For A Cause Foundation’s free oral health education and treatment projects in Guatemala, Nepal and Northern India. “We’re deeply touched and inspired by the generosity that Jeff and other dentists from across the nation are demonstrating by committing to this endeavor,” says Daniel A. Bobrow, executive director of Dentists Climb For A Cause, a non-profit charitable organization that provides dental care to children in need. “Such acts are a testament to Jeff’s and his team’s commitment to the health and well-being of people in North Conway and across the globe,” he continued. “While we believe charity begins at home, it should never end there.” Says Dr. Yelle, 36, who with his family recently relocated to North Conway: “I have always believed in living a life for others. I am fortunate enough to have a skill set that allows me to give back. There is such a need around the world when it comes to oral health, and the work that Climb for Cause does is invaluable. I am grateful I can help.” While participants have diverse backgrounds and hail from different parts of North America, they all share a common purpose: to help children who have never had dental care nor been taught how to care for their dental... read more

Clinic in Siem Riep, Cambodia

SmileTree just received this dispatch from “Branch Officer” David Fireberg, DDS of Fireberg Dental, who is currently serving at our Clinic in Siem Riep, Cambodia.     Many thanks for your generous support and for being away from your family during Thanksgiving to do... read more

Baumrucker Memorial Clinic

An Open Letter To Monique Baumrucker… Pledge Your Support Here Dear Monique – Thank you for your generous sponsorship of SmileTree’s Oct 31 – Nov 7, 2015 dental clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal. The clinic hosted a total of 12 volunteers who provided critical first time and follow up dental care to 944 children and their teachers. The twelve volunteers traveled to Nepal from six states in the US as well as from Canada. The group included 6 dentists, two hygienists, and four non-dental volunteers. The clinic was set up in a classroom of the Shree Mangal School in Boudha on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Senior students from the host school worked alongside volunteers assisting chairside, leading children in toothbrush instruction, managing the lines of children, and keeping instruments sterilized and stocked. This group worked a total of six days – days rich in cultural interaction and often long and demanding work. As you know, our model of care is to treat a school of children, seeing them class by class. Each child is given an initial dental exam, a new toothbrush and tooth brushing instruction. After their exam, children receive all necessary care – fillings and extractions – to bring them back to full dental health. This may take up to three visits to the clinic, and a strong effort is made to complete these visits during the clinic’s six days of operation. Each child also is given a preventive fluoride treatment and a dental cleaning when time permits. Most importantly, after each school receives the needed care, they are scheduled to return to the clinic every 1.5 –... read more

Thirteenth Annual CFAC Announced at Blatchford Solutions’ Dynamo

For Immediate Release: On Friday, September 24th, at the Blatchford Solutions Dynamo Seminar in Oak Brook, IL the long awaited Announcement of the Dentists’ Climb For A Cause 2010 venue was made: Bill Blatchford at the September Dynamo Introducing his Calendar of Events for 2010 Formal Announcement of Next Year’s Venue For the Thirteenth Annual CFAC Event LABOR DAY BEND OREGON CFAC executive director Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow was on hand to welcome everyone and personally thank Bill for his support Stay Tuned For All The Exciting Details, and get ready FOR THE MOST FUN AND ACTION PACKED WEEKEND OF EVENTS IN CLIMB FOR A CAUSE... read more

Dental industry members Climb for A Cause … and more!

by John Pohl July 30, 2009 For more on this topic, go to and search using the following key words: Climb for A Cause, dental health education, dental treatment, disadvantaged, continuing education, Daniel Bobrow, John Pohl. If you read “Climb for A Cause” by Dr. Joe Blaes in last month’s issue of Dental Economics®, you know that Climb for A Cause is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the appeal of the mountains to raise funds and provide services for those in need of dental care. The organization was founded by Daniel A. “Danny” Bobrow, president of American Dental Marketing. In founding and running Climb for A Cause the past 15 years, Danny has been able to simultaneously indulge his three passions: dentistry, the mountains, and giving back. In the process, he has adapted Ben Franklin’s sage advice and made it his own — “Do well by doing good … and having fun.” Each year, Climb for A Cause selects a special venue for an exhilarating Labor Day weekend hike. This year’s selection is a special place indeed — the world-renowned Half Dome in California’s Yosemite Valley. The basic itinerary will be as follows: Friday, Sept. 4: Participants arrive Saturday, Sept. 5: Participants attend dental-related seminars for CE credit and make last-minute preparations for the big event Sunday, Sept. 6: Hike Half Dome in the morning and afternoon (less strenuous activities will also be available for nonhikers), and attend a celebratory dinner that evening Many participants will no doubt opt to take advantage of the spectacular location by staying on in Yosemite for a few more days, or... read more

Dental Economics on Climb for a Cause

Joe Blaes June 25, 2009 For more on this topic, go to and search using the following key words: Climb For a Cause, dental health education, dental treatment, disadvantaged, continuing education, philanthropy, Dr. Joe Blaes. Almost two-and-a-half centuries ago, Benjamin Franklin proffered his famous advice, “Do well by doing good.“ Dr. Franklin would no doubt be pleased to know there is a nonprofit organization that makes it easy for dental practitioners to do just that. In fact, this organization’s motto goes Dr. Franklin one better: “Do well by doing good … and having fun.“ The organization is Climb For a Cause. It was founded in 1994 by Daniel Bobrow, president of American Dental Marketing, a dental practice marketing consulting firm. While his vocation for more than 20 years has been helping dental practices increase their revenues, his avocations include philanthropy and climbing some of the world’s most scenic and challenging mountains. “During my first few years in the industry, I met a few dentists who were also interested in climbing,“ says Bobrow. “It eventually dawned on me that there was a way to combine all three of my passions — dentistry, climbing, and giving back.“ During the past 15 years, Climb For a Cause has organized annual climbing and trekking events that have raised money and other needed resources, making it possible to deliver dental health education and treatment to thousands of disadvantaged people around the world. Climb For a Cause participants typically include dentists, their family members, staff members, and other dental industry representatives. Past events have taken place at such magnificent locations as Oregon’s Mount Hood,... read more

Climb for a Cause dental charity plans 12th annual expedition

January 9, 2009 CHICAGO, Illinois–Climb for a Cause, a nonprofit dental charity dedicated to providing donated dental services, volunteer dentistry, oral health education, and supporting dental missions for economically disadvantaged citizens worldwide, has announced that its 12th annual fundraising event will take place Sept. 6, 2009 at California’s scenic Yosemite Valley. Dental professionals including clinicians, office staff, dental manufacturers and consultants, and media from across the nation will assemble a to pledge their support for volunteer dentistry by attempting a one-day ascent/descent of the famous Half Dome, via the Cable Route. While not a technically difficult climb, the 16-mile round trip makes it a challenge. Funds raised from this year’s hike will support the CFAC Dental Education and Treatment Projects in Guatemala and Cambodia, as well as other domestic oral health causes. Part of CFAC’s proceeds may also be allocated to oral cancer research. “Our goal for 2009 is to adequately enlist and equip local and visiting dental professionals and volunteers to provide preventive and restorative dental care and education to the underserved citizens of Guatemala, Cambodia, and, of course, the United States,” said Daniel Bobrow, executive director for Climb for a Cause. “To meet this challenge, our goal is to raise $100,000.” Bobrow continued, “Because this is a hike, not a climb, no prior experience is required and we’d like to encourage all people, regardless of age or experience, to participate in this rewarding experience, which is philanthropic dentistry at its most exciting.” CFAC is seeking participation and sponsorship from dental practices, consultants, manufacturers, and other members of the profession. Participants in this year’s CFAC event will receive:... read more

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