2012 Event FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) about the
Climb For A Cause
2012 Event

When will the Event be?

The Main Event occurs on Saturday, September 29th, but the fun begins on Friday, September 28th, and includes a Pre-Hike Briefing, so you’ll want to arrive on Friday. A number of fun activities will be offered on Sunday, the 30th,such as canyoneering, the Angel’s Falls Hike, rock climbing, etc. and will culminate with our Awards Celebration and Banquet so, if possible, plan for a leisurely departure on Monday, October1st or later.

Where will I stay?

Our Host Resort has yet to be determined. Once you have registered with us, you will receive assistance from our in-house travel agent and events coordinator, Emily Vagts. Booking with Emily means a worry and error free experience, as well as an additional donation to CFAC/SmileTree.

What, exactly, will we be doing?

Lots of fun stuff! Specifically, on…

  • Friday Evening
    Old Timers’ and New Climbers’ Reception
    and Mandatory Pre-Hike Briefing.
  • Saturday
    Our Main Event: The Narrows Hike, one of
    the Premier Hikes on the beautiful Colorado
    Plateau (learn more here).
  • Sunday Morning and Afternoon
    Various activities (details soon) including
    rafting and rappelling, and rock climbing,
    followed by a CFACTradition: our Annual
    Awards Celebration and Banquet!
  • Monday
    Many of you will be headed for home. Why
    not consider extending your stay in paradise
    a bit longer?

Is there anything for my friends and family to do if they do not Hike with me?

Absolutely! This is a world-class destination for anyone seeking all that nature has to offer.

There is definitely plenty to keep your family and friends occupied while you work up a sweat, so why not consider making it a family vacation?

How do I get there?

You will most likely want to plan on flying in to Salt Lake City, or some other intermediate airport. For more information Contact Emily.

Will the Event involve any camping?


What equipment will I need?

As this is a non-technical climb, there is little required gear.
View the Required
Climb For A Cause XV – Gear List

How do we get from our lodging to the Trailhead and back, as well as to and from other destinations?

We will make all arrangements for getting you to and from the Trailhead.

I’ve never done this before. Can I look forward to any assistance from you as far as training and fund raising are concerned?

Our executive director meets over the telephone with all ‘newbies’ to share all the details about how to “prepare for success,” both with respect to your physical fitness, and fund raising.

For a suggested training regimen click here.

And for fundraising ideas
Visit The AIM Dental Marketing – Dental Charity Marketing Page

We are committed to maintaining this perfect safety record by helping participants prepare for success. How do we do this? By supporting you with your training regimen. All participants receive a training protocol which, if followed, will ensure you are physically ready to meet the challenge.

Is it dangerous?

All outdoor activities entail a certain element of risk. Climb For A Cause has hosted dozens of events involving hundreds of participants over since 1994 and has maintained a 100% safety record.Our motto has always been:
Safety First, Summit Second
We also assist you, through our sister organization, AIM Dental Marketing with all facets of your fund raising initiative.
In other words, we work together as a TEAM .

Are my expenses, as well as the amount I donate, tax deductible?

Climb For A Cause is a non-profit foundation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
We encourage you to confer with your accountant to confirm tax-deductibility of your costs associated with this Event.

How are Donations from my Supporters Handled?

All donors remitting financial support via your Fund Raising Page (to set this up click here, then select ‘Become A Fundraiser’ at top of the page) will automatically receive an acknowledgement of receipt.
Donations made by check should be made out to Climb For A Cause. Donations exceeding $250 will receive an Acknowledgement Letter from us.
For other Donations, your Climber’s Aid Kit includes a letter you may use to thank your Supporters, if you wish.

Most Important, how will the funds we raise be used?

In 2012, we expand our support of the Guatemala, India, and Nepal Projects to include Vietnam! This growth has only been possible because of the ongoing support from many generous individuals and companies.

To ensure our supporters, do well while doing good, all CFAC Particpants are automatically enrolled as a branch office of


Remember: committing to Do Well While Doing Good is as easy as clicking here. If you have any questions, please call us at 312 455 9498.


Daniel Bobrow

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