2008 Mt. Marcy Summit Team
Linda Anderson, Laura Berry, Bill Blatchford, Danny Bobrow, Dianne Brown, Neal Gittleman, Trudy Hobfoll, Rick Hires, Dustin Jurceka, Lorne Lavine, Virginia Norton, Nhi Pham,
Marilyn Potts, Gavin Rouble, John Sorrentino, Paul Tucker, Bill Vitalie, Brian Yourdon

To See A Brief ‘Video’ of our Adventure click here

Gary Brown, Naomi Cooper, Allison Farey, John Campbell, Rob & Carrie Flintom, John Pohl, Peter Gray, Joan Garbo, and many more without whom we’d never have made it!

I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for a great weekend. You and Virginia did a stellar job putting everything together. You got everyone to the top of the mountain and that’s what we were there for. You did a fantastic job.

I, personally, had a great time, met a lot of nice people and had an exhilarating experience.

Thanks again.
Paul A. Tucker
Vice President, Marketing
SUNI Medical Imaging

Mt. Marcy (elev. 5,344)
with Lake Placid in Foreground

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Daniel Bobrow
Executive Director, Climb For A Cause Chicago, Il

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