Entire 2010 Team Makes The Summit!

The Summit Team A-2010

The Summit Team B-2010

Thanks too to all those who could not join us.
You were there in spirit and our thoughts!

The Entire ‘On Site’ CFAC Team

On September 4th and 5th, 2010, 14 intrepid members of the dental profession put their money where their mouths (and feet) were by successfully scaling the 10,056 foot above sea level Middle Sister of Oregon’s Three Sisters Mountains known collectively (from north to south) as Faith, Hope, and Charity.

“It took a lot more than ‘Hope’ to get to the top.” says CFAC executive director, and American Dental Marketing’s president and event organizer Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow. “These professionals committed themselves fully, both in terms of time and a willingness to step outside their comfort zones, to meet this challenge head-on. Their grit and determination are beyond impressive.”

As of this writing the three Peak Performers, in terms of funds raised, are:

Rob Strain and Team, of Palm Springs, CA, with nearly $7,000 raised
Warren Krutchick and Team, of West Seneca, NY raising nearly $8,000
Glenn Spencer and Team, of Birmingham, MI, at over $20,000!!

All net proceeds go to support the CFAC oral health education and treatment projects in Nepal and Guatemala. Plans are in place to expand to India in 2011, and Vietnam in 2012.

» Update on our Nepal Initiative in 2010

Also along for the ride were Krutchick’s daughter Abbey, Dr. Strain’s Team Members Alanna Bird and Britney Green, CFAC Board Members Dr. Bill Blatchford, Dr. Grant Ritchey, and Steven Franklin, JD,, Drs. Aladean Attar of Barrington, IL, Jeff Baumrucker of Newport Ritchey, FL, Dan Marut and his wife Samantha, of Ashland, OR and Bobrow. The 5,000 foot summit and descent required more than thirteen hours to complete. Conditions ranged from gently inclined pine forest to a 35 degree ice face requiring helmet, harness, ice axe and crampons negotiate.

Anyone interested in supporting the Climb For A Cause 2010 Team is invited to visit:

Next year’s Objective is San Jacinto Peak outside Palm Springs, CA. Learn more at:

Image Gallery – DCFAC-XIII (2010)

» Thursday, September 2 Monkey Face Pioneer’s Route Ascent
These images courtesy of Pete Keane of Timerbline Mountain Guides
Participants: Danny Bobrow Steve Franklin, Grant Ritchey

» Friday, September 3
Smith Rock Outing
Old Timers, New Climbers, Reception at Bill & Carolyn Blatchford’s Home

» Saturday, September 4
Caving with Wanderlust Tours
Canoeing with Wanderlust Tours
Middle Sister Summit (Team ‘A’)

» Sunday, September 5
Caving with Wanderlust Tours
Kayaking with Wanderlust Tours
Middle Sister Summit (Team ‘B’)
Awards Dinner

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